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What Is Textverify?

Textverify is a service that offers temporary phone numbers, perfect for less trusted websites or when you don't want to share your personal number details. With our temporary numbers, you can add an extra layer of privacy to avoid receiving spam calls.

What Is The Temporary Number?

With the help of the temporary number you can verify any type of services one time. Our numbers come from major listed phone companies, ensuring there is no voip numbers.. You can trust that you will be able to verify any service. They don't accept virtual numbers like google voice.

What Is The Rental Number?

A rental number is a type of service that users can rent for a specific period. These numbers are one kind of e-sim card which you can use for receiving sms within your rent period. You can buy rental number from our site, click here

What Is The Timeframe Available For Verifying A Number?

Short-term numbers are one time usage able for any kind of service . We have multiple countries. That supports a variety of services. For every short-term number you will get a limited time to use it. If you don't get any sms no charge will be added from your account.

What Is The Duration Of Validity For Your Short-term Numbers?

Requesting a number, minimum 10 min and maximum 20 min iis granted for the verification of your chosen service. If a code is not received within this duration, the verification process will lapse, however your credit balance will not be deducted. Note that credit only occurs upon successful verifications where you receive a code

Where Can I See My Verification Records Or History?

After login to account You can see the Verification Records Or History in to your main dashboard.

Can I Use The Same Number Once More?

No, but if you want to use the same number other time you can buy a rental number.

Which Payment Methods Are With Your Service?

We accept a variety of cryptocurrencies. You can deposit a minimum of $5 to our site. If you want to pay by another payment method you can contact our support. Please make sure before payment your putted amount and sending amount are the same without your sending charge. If you don't send an exact amount your transaction will not automatically be added. If you face that kind of problem please contact support.

What Are The Steps To Modify My Current Password?

To modify your password, you need to follow this reset .


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